Cordes Polies

Polished wires

The Soul of the piano


When not nickel-plated, STEPHEN PAULELLO’s wires are polished in order to:

  •  eliminate any traces of lubricants used during drawing
  •  reduce friction with the air when the string is in movement
  •  give the wire a brilliant appearance

Polished steels are available in types XM, M, 0, 1 and 2
NB : Type 2 wires, because of their composition, have a less brilliant appearance

differ from other wires ?

Making music wire means respecting the tolerances of diameters, perfection of the cylinder, evenness of the drawing, careful polishing, resistance and suppleness in crushing etc...

Making wires of superior quality means going further and involves research for an excellent spectral balance, improving the coefficient of internal damping and accelerating the stabilization process after tightening the strings.

Thanks to careful wire drawing, to the speed thereof, to the choice of the number of dies, to the coefficient of reduction adopted and to the quality of the polishing, STEPHEN PAULELLO’s strings meet all these requirements and moreover have a beautiful appearance, a remarkably sustained sound and an exceptional evenness in their mechanical performances.

For antique pianos

STEPHEN PAULELLO's wires finally give piano restorers a solution to the problem of replacing strings in old instruments as the different types of his wires offer resistance to traction comparable to the steels or irons used in the past.