Music Wire

With Stephen Paulello’s wires, stringing becomes a decisive and highly technical factor in constructing a piano’s sound.

Stephen Paulello invented his wires in 1996 following research for the construction of the pianos that bear his name.

The wires are available in two finishes : NICKEL PLATED or REGULAR (polished)

As there are 5 types of steel with different resistances, Stephen Paulello can offer a new approach to stringing, using different types of steel in the same scaling : HYBRID scaling.

Moreover, Stephen Paulello's wires have finally given piano restorers a satisfactory solution to the problem of replacing stringing on antique instruments.

Hybrid stringing

The principle of hybridization consists in combining several types of steel within the same scaling in order to harmonize and optimize the stress rate throughout the piano. Mastering the stress rate means being able to enhance the richness of the sound and to balance the tones. Hybrid scaling also has the  advantage of becoming stable more rapidly and being easier to tune.

This process has been used for many years in STEPHEN PAULELLO pianos and has proved to be beneficial in restringing 20th century pianos. Thanks to hybrid stringing, replacing strings has become more than ever the opportunity to improve the sound of the piano.

Nickel plating

The series of nickel-plated wires was created in order to protect the stringing from excess dampness and to avoid corrosion. The electrolytic treatment guarantees an in-depth adhesion of the nickel to avoid any risk of flaking.